Health & Nutrition Editorial | Finding Your Balance | Tenderly Obsessive

Not all boobies are created equal (yes, you can quote me on that). They come in different shapes, sizes and even colours. And you know what? They’re all beautiful. Each and every single one, or technically both of them. Whatever. But they also have something else in common… they all deserve some serious love.

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Events | #OasisAtShangrila

I have no doubt that if you were using social media in Canada in the last few days you would have seen the #OasisAtShangrila hashtag via various social media platforms. On July 8th, Shangri-La Hotel Toronto played host to its first ever Fashion show with runway and all. But what made the space so perfect for VITAMIN A, a line of swimwear designed by the talented Amahlia Stevens? The runway itself was built atop the fifth floor pool and created quite literally an Oasis of fashion & beauty in the heart of downtown Toronto. Let me show you why Julio & I loved the whole experience here!

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