Travel & Lifestyle | How 44 Charles changed the way I see Toronto

Amid a busy schedule, there has been some amazing changes in my personal life. Not only the addition of Canela (our beautiful Sharpei Mix rescue in the photo above), but we are also getting ready for another amazing trip in just a few weeks. But, when it comes down to it, I also face the same decisions in life that you do. I want to live in a place that suits my lifestyle, schedule, relationship and fact that I am now a dog owner. To be honest, we have been entertaining the idea of moving into a new space in the coming months.

So when I was invited to spend 44 hours at 44 Charles in the iconic neighbourhood of Yorkville, Toronto… I thought this might be the perfect chance to entertain the idea of moving to something similar to a loft 2 story toronto apartment. Not only did I love the experience, but 44 Charles made me see Toronto in an entirely new way. Come and see what my experience showed me and why we may be calling 44 Charles home in early 2016! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | How 44 Charles changed the way I see Toronto”