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Toronto | bE a little different with bE SixFifty Hotel

So. You’re travelling to Toronto or looking to have a mini staycation with that special someone and you’re looking for a hotel to stay at. There are so many options available to choose from and such a huge difference in the price ranges of them all. I won’t say that one is better then another but I do know that recently Julio & I had a chance to try out one of the Toronto boutique hotels that is changing the hotel game in the heart of the city. Let me tell you all about our experiences during our stay at bE SixFifty Hotel and why you have to see it to believe it.

Upon walking into the lobby, the iconic pink setting struck me as playful and elegant all at the same time. Simplicity is key from top to bottom of this 3 story historic building the moment you walk through the doors. No detail is left unfinished and overall the sense I got was that of fine tuned finesse and pride in what they do.



Located at 650 Bay Street, this boutique establishment has been making waves since it opened its doors. “The concept for the boutique hotel is about being connected to the city in a sexy, fresh and urban context.” But what exactly sets it apart from its competitors located around the city core? Inspired by Japanese pod hotels with a North American twist, the concept of the hotel is so simple it’s brilliant. The quaint rooms provide small space with big design. From the high thread count sheets on the voluptuous bed that I couldn’t help but roll around on to the fact that each room comes with its own iPad, I was left smiling. This is definitely like no hotel I had ever stayed in before and I liked its quirky natured concept.



A bed and a washroom and that’s about it with by art found in in each room is by THE Keith Haring. The washrooms are adorned with Italian tiles and decor and the room’s finishing touches truly set them apart.  Each room is themed with its own unique colour and truly made us feel welcome. Although I must admit I’m used to the extravagance of suites and luxury as our go to, I embraced the nature of the hotel and our stay.

I was a little taken aback by the lack of space when we first checked in, but quickly discovered that the hotel is meant to be for rest and relaxation. The entertainment and life of Toronto lay outside the hotel doors just steps down the road and you’re not supposed to visit a city and not in fact see the city itself. Why stay cooped up in a room when there is so much to do and experience?

At the end of the day after speaking with several of the amazing staff, is this not really all you need from your hotel when staying in the heart of downtown Toronto? Julio and I checked in, unpacked and looked over the room’s details from top to bottom. Shortly after we checked in, we took the advise of the staff and headed out to explore the city we love knowing a beautiful home away from home with a comfortable bed waited for us upon our return.

After an evening with delicious food and friends, we headed back to the hotel. Greeted by a smile, we were told upon our return that should we need anything we need only skype the front desk with our room iPad if we needed anything. I hadn’t even noticed there was no telephone and loved this option for any needs we may have had. Cuddling in bed we fell asleep while watching television and smiling after a lovely day together as a couple.



As a foodie, I have heard rumbles of the infamous latte and breakfast that can be found in the cafe next door (conveniently attached to the hotel), 650 cafe & bistro. As we entered I immediately loved the refreshing simplicity of the decor. A wall of mirrors (perfect for those selfie lovers like Julio & I!) and white branch chandeliers contrasted the stunning marble top tables and simple chairs.

For those of you who don’t have the time to take a staycation or visit the hotel, I absolutely insist you stop by this beautiful cafe. The latte lived up to its name and the food was fresh and delicious. The quiet cafe and beautiful decor allowed for a romantic brunch with the man I love in a space that can seat maybe 20 people with outdoor options available. I loved it. I will be back to visit for breakfast, brunch and delicious baked goods the next time I am in the neighbourhood. And food lovers make sure to stay tuned as the RT Lounge & Cabana Bar are set to open soon for those beautiful Toronto nights. I can’t wait!

All in all, the experience was one you have to experience to believe.  With varied price points and bed sizes, bE SixFifty Hotel is a hotel like no other in Toronto. For reservation options available to you the next time you want to explore the city of Toronto in a different way, make sure to check out the Reservations page of bE SixFifty Hotel.  For more beautiful photos, check out the online gallery here as well to inspire your next staycation or visit to the city I call home.

And of course, make sure to tweet @be650 to tell them about your stay in their beautiful and unique concept. Use the #be650 hashtag to join in on the social media conversation and don’t forget to visit @650cafe and tell them I sent you. Tag @DoTheDaniel in your posts so you can show me what your favourite part was. Dare to bE a little different like Julio & I were to truly experience a one of a kind stay in Toronto’s city core.


Photos:  Julio Reyes  & Daniel Desforges taken with our #DoTheDaniel Samsung Canada GALAXY Camera 2


Daniel Desforges

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2 Responses to Toronto | bE a little different with bE SixFifty Hotel

  1. Claire says:

    I’m selling my apartment and moving into this hotel.

  2. I recently tweeted about wanting to check this place out. I’m glad you guys enjoyed yourselves!

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