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Toronto | King Street West Boom & Portland Variety

I cannot possibly be the only one to notice lately all the great new expansions, businesses and shops opening up along the Toronto neighbourhood of King Street West. Be it a hot new celebrity restaurant to the greatest new night life destination WEST bar (stay tuned for my feature coming on them soon!) , this area west of the city core seems to be booming in all the right ways. Add to the excitement the chic new addition of Portland Variety and you’ve got a neighbourhood born again for all your city dwelling needs.


We all know by now how much of  a coffee lover I am. Day or night, there is nothing quite like a beautifully crafted caffeinated beverage for this boy. Aside from a stunning new location, the quality of the coffee might just be one of the best in the neighbourhood.

So why now Portland Variety? Inspired by french boulangeries and Spanish dining culture, the standing room space is meant to draw you in to satisfy all your senses. Be it during the day for baked goods & strong caffeine (see the mouth watering photos below), or at night for cocktails and shared plates… watch out King Street. There’s a new powerhouse in town.



Offering coffee, snacks, dinner and cocktails, Portland Variety café and bar is really about catering to the neighbourhood and becoming the local,” says Milton Nunes, co-owner and chef of Portland Variety. “The casual venue will be suited to King West’s young families, residents and  businesses any time of day or night.” 

Love it. Love everything about it.

Portland Variety

This will become a one stop King Street West shop I can guarantee. Not to mention the stunning and expansive patio in a city where patio real estate is a deal breaker if not offered. You’ll be sure to find me day and night on my commute to and from the office and events coming by for my local foodie fix.

With the 150 seating restaurant coming soon, I have no doubt that soon enough Portland Variety will on the lips of friends and family alike looking for this new hot spot on King Street West in Toronto. Why not beat the crowds and head on down today to see what I mean?

Stay tuned to their under construction website as they grow into the powerhouse I am predicting at

And ofcourse tag @DoTheDaniel in your tweets (@PortlandVariety) & Instagram (@PortlandVariety) #PortlandVariety posts to tell me what your favourite part of this stunning new edition to the King Street West family is so I can share it with our audience.

Photos: Portland Variety


Daniel Desforges

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