Vancouver | Tacofino’s Taco Bar is coming. Are you ready?

I know that the majority of what we feature here on is Toronto-centric and  Toronto restaurants but when we found out about Tacofino’s Taco Bar, set to open in January 2015, we simply had to tell the entire country about it! Setting the bar for eclectic, Mexican-inspired cuisine in downtown Vancouver… My favourite! Come & see why you will want to be first in line for this iconic addition to the Vancouver food scene!

“Located in Blood Alley Square on the site of former Gastown landmark Pig & Whistle, the Taco Bar will boast 3,000 square feet of space, a heritage brick façade and interior as well as a 420-square foot patio. The new space is best described as two restaurants in one: the main entrance opens on to an 80-seat dining room and lounge with an expansive 20-seat bar featuring tequila- and mezcal-forward cocktails, eight taps with a selection of local beers and Mexican and import cerveza available by the bottle and can, while a separate entrance at 15 West Cordova preserves the spirit of the iconic Tacofino food trucks by offering grab-and-go burritos and tacos.”


Being that the Taco craze swept the nation over the last decade, it is no surprise that the expansion of the Tacofino brand is leading to yet another location for their food and ambiance. Vancouver has embraced what they have to offer and the latest location will truly be showcasing new decor, an expanded menu and options for various styles of dinning experiences. It will in fact help to showcase why this brand isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

“Tacofino has become a phenomenon, encompassing four food trucks, three restaurants, a loyal following and a lineup of products that are Ocean Wise-approved, antibiotic- and hormone-free, raised ethically and made locally. “We’re looking forward to showcasing our new space and unveiling an expanded menu that will offer Tacofino favourites alongside some new and imaginative dishes and share plates.”

So downtown Vancouver, it’s time to get those taste buds ready for experience like no other.

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Photos: Tacofino


Daniel Desforges