We are giving you the chance to win two passes to WayHome Music & Arts 2017!

When I stop to think about festival season, there are always a few festivals that I know we CANNOT miss. WayHome Music & Arts is always at the top of my list! This year we are so excited to bring bringing you along for the full festival via Kadeisha and her sister. We got so excited about the experience that we have officially partnered with the team at WayHome to offer you the chance to win TWO general admittance passes to the festival to join us in the excitement. Come and see why you do NOT want to miss #WayHome2017 this year!  Continue reading “We are giving you the chance to win two passes to WayHome Music & Arts 2017!”

Win a trip in Marriott’s Epic Canada Adventure Sweepstakes!

We have been fortunate enough to partner with Marriott International in 2017 for some pretty epic trips across Canada. From Catherine in the West Coast earlier this year, to my recent trip to Halifax with Julio, it’s been an exciting time to #TravelWithMarriottCanada to say the least. It’s why I am so excited to share with you all that Marriott has launched a very special #Canada150 contest where five lucky winners can win a trip for two to one of ten beautiful Canadian cities. And all you have to do is enter!  Continue reading “Win a trip in Marriott’s Epic Canada Adventure Sweepstakes!”

Team #LeftTWIX all the way.

Have you ever stopped to think about the little quirks that your partner or roommate have that drive you absolutely nuts? For Julio & I, it is that he only snips one side of the bag of milk, which is usually only discovered when it tips over and makes a huge mess on me. Or that I don’t I don’t know the difference between white and ivory when doing the laundry. Well you know what the last straw was? He had the audacity to claim that #RightTWIX was better than #LeftTWIX. Well you know what? Enough is enough. It’s time that we settle this Twix debate once and for all with you all!  Continue reading “Team #LeftTWIX all the way.”

Ready? Set? Dunk.

There are certain brands and moments that remind me of being a child and bring back fond memories. Whether it was Friday night pizza and ABC’s TGIF lineup with the family, or looking for the OREO cookies that my dad would hide away in the pantry thinking we didn’t know they were there. Sometimes it is the simple things that make life better and put a smile on your face. As I’m sure you have seen, OREO recently launched an amazing new contest centered around the art of the dunk and challenging Canadians to share exciting new ways to dunk their favourite cookie. We have partnered with OREO to share all the exciting details and how YOU can enter to win the ultimate #OreoDunkContest prize! Continue reading “Ready? Set? Dunk.”