Health & Nutrition | You’re not truly BFFs until you get waxed together

What many people don’t realize about Catherine and I is that not only are we partners in business, but we have also been friends for over 17 years. That’s a LONG time, and I can say with certainty that she probably knows me better than anyone on this planet. We have grown up together and it is one of the many reasons why I love sharing #DoTheDaniel adventures with her. Not to mention that she is the best Holistic Nutritionist I know! So when we sat down to think about what it means to be BFFs, we laughed at the thought of going to get waxed together. Yup. The downstairs kind. Because you’re not truly BFFs until you get your goodies waxed and browse hard wax products together! Continue reading “Health & Nutrition | You’re not truly BFFs until you get waxed together”

Lifestyle | My very first “Manzilian”

I am very lucky that the blogging world has allowed me to experience some amazing things and meet some incredible people over the years. From parties to previews, every day of my life is an adventure that I get to share with you. But when I was asked if I would like to try out “The Manzilian” waxing treatment at Allure Body Bar, I’m going to be honest and say my gut instinct told me no. ABSOLUTELY not. Run Daniel, run!

Now, let’s be honest here. I am not about to show you a before and after photo. I don’t run THAT kind of site, but I can speak to my personal experience. Continue reading “Lifestyle | My very first “Manzilian””