Help us make a difference on August 24th

By now it is no surprise that we love to indulge in some A&W Canada as a treat during a busy week. We love them so much that last year we were part of an entire campaign alongside some of our favourite bloggers in the country – click here to see more! So when we found out about their most recent campaign, centered around making a difference with the MS Society of Canada on August 24th. Come and see what it entails and how YOU can help us make a difference with one of our favourite brands!  Continue reading “Help us make a difference on August 24th”

Contest | Based on the HUGE response, here’s another chance to celebrate A&W Canada’s #PicnicGuarantee with us this summer!

As many of you would have seen, over the past few weeks we have been celebrating A&W Canada‘s #PicnicGuarantee with photos and even an amazing YouTube video that showed how I enjoyed the summer in a delicious way and will continue to do so with my friends and family. Well, base on the HUGE response across the country to the recent contest I launched thanks to the team at A&W Canada, I am excited to share that I am launching yet another contest for one lucky Canadian to WIN!  Continue reading “Contest | Based on the HUGE response, here’s another chance to celebrate A&W Canada’s #PicnicGuarantee with us this summer!”

Contest | Summer ready with A&W Canada’s #PicnicGuarantee

When I stop to think about the summer, there are a few activities that immediately come to mind. Be it weekends at the beach with Julio and Canela, drinks on a patio after a busy day at the office, or a picnic in the park with friends; summer is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors. As many of you who follow me on social media will have seen, I recently had the opportunity to host a picnic with A&W Canada to celebrate their new #PicnicGuarantee. Read what that means for Canadians from coast-to-coast all summer long and how you can enter to win our latest contest! Continue reading “Contest | Summer ready with A&W Canada’s #PicnicGuarantee”

Food & Wine | Is there anything better than Bacon?

This week I received a bouquet from our friends at A&W Canada – but not just any bouquet. A bouquet made of Bacon! To celebrate a Happy #Bacontine‚Äôs Day we are excited to tell you about another guarantee that A&W is making to us as Canadians. Effective February 16th, A&W launches bacon made from pork raised without the use of antibiotics and nothing artificial in every single one of their locations. We’ve got all the reasons why Canadians love Bacon and why this #BaconGuarantee is yet another reason to love A&W Canada! Continue reading “Food & Wine | Is there anything better than Bacon?”