Life is busy. So now what?

Last year, I caught myself saying things like “I’ll get to it when things aren’t so crazy” or “There isn’t enough time in the day!” The funny thing is that the more connected we are with one another online and around the world, I think that sometimes we become less connected with ourselves. I had to face some pretty challenging moments that have offered me a perspective on life that I now use as a pseudo-mantra of sorts. Today I wanted to share a few life hacks that I use to keep myself balanced and from loosing my sh*t on those days when it all feels like too much.  Continue reading “Life is busy. So now what?”

Health & Nutrition | Veeva | Cultivate Your Own Happiness

Stress appears to be at the forefront of serious issues these days. Did you know that an estimated 70-80% of visits to the doctor are attributed to stress? There are pills to medicate against it, addictive behaviours that help us to cope with it and countless measures taken to deal with the after effects. But what if I told you that stress doesn’t actually exist.

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Health & Nutrition | Curcumin | A Natural Remedy for Inflammation

We hear the word inflammation a lot these days. But how many people out there know what it means? Did you know that it’s actually a good thing? Inflammation is a self-protective response against harmful pathogens, damaged cells or irritants within your body’s tissues. The overall purpose is to protect your body and initiate tissue repair. Sounds pretty good, right? Here’s the problem, it actually ends up producing negative results over time. And can we talk about long term chronic inflammation? Woah, Nelly.

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