How To Make a Memory Last Forever

With my birthday around the corner yet again, I find myself getting all in my feels. Not for any particular reason, but because it’s a time of year that allows me the chance to think about what I have accomplished and the lessons I have learned. Inching my way closer and closer to forty, I am proud of every step of my journey that has led me to where I am today. And thankfully I have also had the chance to mark memorable moments along the way in the best way I know how.

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Another Lesson. Another Tattoo.

Well it’s October 18th and I’m officially 35 years old and a day. It’s a surreal thing to have made it all the way to this day after some of the most difficult months I have had personally in a very long time. It’s nothing that we need to get into, but it is important for me to acknowledge the strength it has taken to just get out of bed some days. I have been really trying to focus on my mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and for the most part it seems as though the hard work is paying off. There are of course still challenging moments, but to celebrate my birthday (for some reason it felt like some kind of milestone) I opted to get myself a tattoo. And I wanted to tell you why and what it means because I love sharing beautiful moments of inspiration with you all when the opportunity presents itself.  Continue reading “Another Lesson. Another Tattoo.”