Travel & Lifestyle | Bremont & Jaguar collaborate to celebrate the iconic E-Type

By now I’m sure that it has become clear I am in love with Bremont Watches. Since my introduction to the brand, I am come to realize that they are the leader in design and innovation. Collaborations with brands that mirror this passion can be seen here & here. The newest collaboration is with the iconic Jaguar, which for the record is one of my favourite cars companies. This long term collaboration of the two brands is kicked off by two beautiful new timepieces and I’m excited to tell you all about them! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Bremont & Jaguar collaborate to celebrate the iconic E-Type”

Food & Wine | Chivas x Bremont Limited Edition Collaboration

With the advent of the Holidays (are you sick of that word yet? We’ve got a LOT more in store for you all!) all I can think about is gifts and great brands. Having worked with both of these iconic names in the past, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to tell you all about The Limited Edition Made for Gentleman collaboration between Chivas & Bremont Watch Company. You’ll remember that I was introduced to Bremont earlier this year and have since fallen in love with their products. When two of my favourite brands decided to collaborate, there was no doubt in my mind that the end result would epitomize chivalry and be something that I would have to add to my life. Come and see why you should join me in celebrating this iconic marriage of style and sophistication. Continue reading “Food & Wine | Chivas x Bremont Limited Edition Collaboration”

Lifestyle | Be bold with Bremont

With the onset of the month of November, our thoughts here at are now shifting to the upcoming holiday season. Although I don’t necessarily endorse hanging lights and putting up decorations just yet, the fact remains that Christmas will be here before we know it. With holiday recipes, gatherings and gifts on the mind I am now left to start thinking about what brands I have come to love and why you will love them too. One such brand that offers a bold statement for the lover of beautiful things in your life is Bremont. Come and see how their latest model is one of my lust haves for 2014 and why this brand is one to add to your everyday lifestyle. Continue reading “Lifestyle | Be bold with Bremont”