Food & Wine | Classic Canadiana with Iceberg Vodka

Ladies & Gentlemen, it’s Canada Day and the country is about to explode in celebration and joyous gatherings. From East Coast to West Coast, July 1st marks one of the most amazing days of unity for each and every one of us. Be you escaping to the cottage for some quiet time with friends, or planning to hit the streets of the city you love, one thing remains the same. It’s time for some cocktails (then again, in my life, when is it not?!). What better way to cheers to the country we love and who loves us in return then with the Canadian made Iceberg Vodka in a classically Canadian way? Let me tell you how to get your Eh Game on (pun intended) tomorrow with this great vodka option for your gatherings. Continue reading “Food & Wine | Classic Canadiana with Iceberg Vodka”