Why I joined the fabulous #ChandonSquad

The summer isn’t over yet friends, and it seems as though (knock on wood!) the beautiful weather has finally decided to arrive here in Toronto. Around the world, Chandon is helping people cheers to the beautiful moments in life. So when I was asked to join the #ChandonSquad alongside some of the most amazing people, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity! What does that mean? Let me tell you.  Continue reading “Why I joined the fabulous #ChandonSquad”

Food & Drink | Enjoying the perfect Chandon cocktail for Thanksgiving

With the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend finally here, it’s time to get ready for friends and family to join together again. What better way to enjoy this sometimes hectic holiday season than with a delicious cocktail? This year we chose a special cocktail using Chandon as our inspiration for the entire weekend. Warm flavours to get cozy with, come see why we are sipping on an ‘Autumn Jewel’. Continue reading “Food & Drink | Enjoying the perfect Chandon cocktail for Thanksgiving”

Food & Wine | Every season is Chandon season

The summer has come to an end and my favourite season is settling in. During the next few months, we can all look forward to beautiful foliage & sweater weather. For the numerous dinner parties ahead, I am always in search of a classic cocktail that will leave my guests smiling and talking about it all night long. What I have quickly come to realize is that whether served on its own or in a beautiful cocktail, every season is Chandon season. Come and see our favourite recipes from 2015 thus far and a few new ones to try this fall! Continue reading “Food & Wine | Every season is Chandon season”

Food & Wine | Sipping on Spring Cocktails with some of our favourites

Despite what has been a lackluster start to spring weather, it’s time to start thinking about warmer nights ahead and sipping cocktails with friends. As the days get longer and our social calendars begin to fill, it’s time to get excited for entertaining! Our friends at Moët Hennessy have come up with some spring cocktails to keep you and your guests entertained, and I’ve even created one of my very own to help you all get excited with us. Continue reading “Food & Wine | Sipping on Spring Cocktails with some of our favourites”