Food & Wine | CÎROC Coconut brings the tropics to you

The world of vodka is one that has taken me quite some time to wrap my head around. Not only is it just as complex as that of the wine world with its varieties, flavours and precision, but also in my personal choice of brands that I buy to take home. I’m sure that for most of you the feeling is mutual. How on earth are you supposed to choose when you walk into your local liquor store in hopes of finding something intriguing and delicious? Thankfully for us all the amazing team behind the famous CÎROC  Ultra Premium Vodka brand have got us covered when it comes to something just a little different, and just a little better then the rest. Recently launched in Canada, let me tell you all about the newest addition to the CÎROC family, CÎROC Coconut. Continue reading “Food & Wine | CÎROC Coconut brings the tropics to you”