Food & Wine | Enjoy D.W. Alexander’s Champagne Mint Julep

The spring is coming (kind of) & it’s time to start thinking about delicious cocktails and warmer weather. For those of you who follow us on social media (if not, make sure to follow @DoTheDaniel on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with our adventures), you’ll know that we visited D.W. Alexander when they opened their doors last year. This Toronto hot spot is known for their great atmosphere & signature cocktails. Lucky for us all, they are sharing their Champagne Mint Julep recipe. Take a look at their feature below! Continue reading “Food & Wine | Enjoy D.W. Alexander’s Champagne Mint Julep”

Food & Wine | Celebrating Halloween with Crystal Head Vodka

When I stop to think about Halloween, some of my best memories asides for the trick or treating years are the parties I attend and the fantastic cocktails that I have created and enjoyed with friends. This year I thought to myself, besides the best way to celebrate Halloween in Toronto, that I would partner with one of my favourite vodka brands to help celebrate the season. Crystal Head Vodka is a product that I keep stocked in my home year round for it’s quality and taste, but it is also the perfect base for your Halloween celebrations and cocktails this season. Come & see why when you are shopping for parties you are attending or hosting this year, how Crystal Head Vodka is the perfect choice for you and your friends. Continue reading “Food & Wine | Celebrating Halloween with Crystal Head Vodka”