#DanielsDish: “Cream” of Leek Soup

You know the colder months have officially settled into my brain when every other meal I make at home is soup. It’s something I inherited from my Dad and still reminds me of him (Chicken Soup from scratch being his signature soup) – so today’s Daniel’s Dish is, in no shock, another soup! The difference is that this time I inadvertently made it vegetarian and gluten free!

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The Five Things I’ve Changed in 2021 to Make Life Better

So the first month of 2021 is coming to a close and I’ll be honest, I am already feeling a bit burnt out. Maybe I didn’t take the time I needed over the holidays to rest, or maybe it’s just the intensity at which world news and the reality we live is coming at me as of late. More than ever, I am finally starting to realize that sometimes you just need to take a minute for myself. So if you’re feeling the same and looking for ways to decompress, I thought I would share some ways I am taking care of myself this year.

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Everyday Brunch Is A Thing Now

So it seems everyone and their dog is now a fitness influencer sharing their workouts online with you while also baking bread, all while simultaneously going live on Instagram and offering you tips for x, y and z, right?*

I’ll be honest, I am a part of that world, and even I’m tired of it. I love that people are finding a way to control what they can, and for some that means content overload. But when it comes to my mental health, I sometimes need to turn off the news and social media and focus on things in my home for my family and I.

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I Don’t Mean to be Cheesy, But… I Have #ALoveAffairWithCheese

I have come to realize that there are a few things I can’t go without in my life. Wine, tequila, bread, my husband and cheese are just non-negotiables when it comes to the things that make me happy. So I guess it only made sense that my friends at Tre Stelle Canada came to me as one of their biggest fans to talk about fall recipes and getting creative in the kitchen this month!

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