Cooking Up A Storm for Canada Day

With Pride month winding down, and Canada Day already on the horizon, it’s been amazing to cook for Julio and our slowly growing bubble of friends and family. When it comes to things that make me happiest, being in the kitchen is absolutely one of them. Throwing on an apron, some music and just having some time to myself doing something I love – sounds pretty nice, right?

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Taleggio Caprese Salad

Happy Summer, friends! Don’t you just love love summer produce? Here in the UK, we miss out on the incredible bounty from Canada (oh Ontario peaches, how I long for you!) but are fortunate enough to have access to Spanish tomatoes. And the Spanish grow some incredible ones. They are such masters of growing tomatoes that they even have a food fight with them every August.

Though I hope you use yours to make this salad instead. 

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Food & Drink | Wines & recipes to keep you warm

When it comes to the colder months in Canada, is there anything more comforting than a delicious home-cooked meal with family & friends? We have partnered together with Bodegas Osborne to showcase three of our favourite wines alongside some delicious recipes to keep you warm as the days get colder. Not only do we have some delicious recipes from Chef Andres Salomon of Barsa Taberna that you have to try, and we also created three of our own. It’s time to create delicious memories in the best way possible! Continue reading “Food & Drink | Wines & recipes to keep you warm”

Food & Wine | Tortilla de Patatas with a Guatemalan Twist

One of my favourite places in the world to be is in the kitchen. There is something quite magical when I look at my ingredients and become inspired to create. Recently I was approached by the successful UK based blog,, to participate in a cooking competition via our various outlets. The task was this: create a recipe for a Mediterranean inspired dish that best represents me.

Immediately my mind went to Spain. Not only have I have fallen in love with the shores of Barcelona, but the food is what makes me smile on a regular basis. My cooking style at home, as experimental as it may be, is all about keeping it simple. I love comfort food and finding a way to make classic recipes my own.

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