Here’s what I’ll be sipping all summer long

It’s been a little while since I sat down to chat with you my beautiful friend. Life has gotten busy and with lots on my proverbial plate, I thought it was time to switch gears to focus on what’s in my glass instead. This summer I’m focusing my attention on those beautiful moments life has in store for me, the people who make an effort, and the simple things that I can take joy from.

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Miracle on Bloor St. is back & here’s why you need to go

With the holiday season officially here (he writes as he looks out the window as sudden snow falling) it’s time to start planning office parties, family dinners, and amid the holiday shopping, finding the time to celebrate with your friends and family. All of that is exciting and I look forward to it, but where do I go when I want to pause the stress but still enjoy the holiday spirit? Miracle on Bloor St. of course!

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Revisiting Some Ideas That Are Perfect When You’re Feeling Cooped Up

Over the years I’ve had a lot of beautiful memories. Lots of amazing moments that I’ve been lucky enough to share with you all. But along the way, there was also some mistakes that I’ve made which I look back on and think I could have probably handled a bit better. Without going into it, because there’s nothing to be found in rehashing the past, I am now in a place where I realize the past helped me become who I am today. And those same experiences will hopefully guide my way in the future.

Sounds a bit corny? Probably. But I’ve always been a bit of a romantic with my writing. And for a lot of you, that’s what keeps you coming back. ?

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Food & Wine | Ready. Set. Caesar.

Today marks #NationalCaesarDay and it’s time to start sipping an iconic Canadian beverage. It’s happy hour somewhere, right? As one of my favourite drinks (usually enjoyed over brunch with friends) I can’t wait to meet up with Julio after a long day to head out to paint the town caesar red together. We’ve got some of our favourite Caesar recipes for you using a mix of choice, Walter All-Natural Craft Caesar Mix. Come and see what we will be sipping around the city tonight as we cheers with Canadians from coast to coast! Continue reading “Food & Wine | Ready. Set. Caesar.”