#TIFF14 Round Up | 2014 Essentials Lounge

Aside from the insanity of The Toronto International Film Festival ® and what it does to my scheduling for the #DoTheDaniel & #FASHIONIGHTS team members, I am always so grateful for PR that recognizes the need to stop and recharge during it all. NO one, and I mean NO ONE , does this better then our friends at Esther Garnick Public Relations aka EGPR.  Though we are blessed to attend the celebrity gifting lounges alongside the stars of TIFF, The Essentials Lounge has always taken it one step further. With the reality of TIFF taking its toll on the media and stars alike, EGPR addresses the lounge in the most positively perfect dichotomous way. Come & see why it is one of the lounges Julio and I look forward to most each and every year in my #DoTheDaniel behind the scenes with #EssentialsLounge5. Continue reading “#TIFF14 Round Up | 2014 Essentials Lounge”