Your Endocannabinoid System May Be Out Of Balance

Wait, my what?

Something I very likely know nothing about is out of balance? Okay, time to panic, right?! Well, first off, take a deep breath ‘cause you’re gonna be just fine. But second, I’ve got you. ‘Cause I’m here to offer my knowledge and expertise as a certified health professional who has spent many years studying and working on the human body (get those dirty thoughts out of your head, please) and its many complex and diverse systems.

Also, I absolutely love nerding-out on science so that I can make it much easier to absorb for those of you who aren’t things like biochemists or medical doctors. And let’s be honest, you shouldn’t have to be one in order to understand what the heck is happening in your body and with your health. Continue reading “Your Endocannabinoid System May Be Out Of Balance”