Sunshine and Lakes and Wine – Oh My!

Dear British Columbia, you and I have this thing going on. I’m not sure where it’s headed or if our love affair will ever end. But, I can tell you that the time we’ve spent together so far has been magical. I have this hunch that, deep down inside, you feel the same way about me and that you love when I come to visit you. You always seem to put on a full show with your majestic mountains, oceans, lakes, vast wilderness, hippy vibes, great wine and food. 

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Four Points Kelowna Delivers Some Best Brews

Last week, I was whisked off to Kelowna for a couple of days with the promise of beer to drink and great food to eat. Now, that’s more than enough incentive to get me to travel out to the west coast of Canada – which holds a very special place in my heart. But when they asked me to travel out there to sample some local craft beers for the Four Points Best Brew Global Tour, how could I say no? I mean, come on now. I’m only human.

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