Food & Wine | Diamond Estates Sipping in the Sun

For those of you who have followed my partnership with Diamond Estates, you know how much I have come to love them and bringing their wines to your laptop and smart phone screens. Alongside the ever growing audience, Diamond Estates has joined on board for yet another year of seasonal posts to feature, review and critique their latest & greatest. This season I bring you my Sipping in the Sun post with wines for those spring nights with a light sweater and summer days with SPF 50 needed. Although the seasons seems to be melting into one, these wines are sure to please any wine lover’s taste for any occasion, spring or summer.

Not all wine is created equal, and not all occasions call for the same type of wine. I offer you some quick tips and tricks in hopes that the next time you head to the LCBO or are in search of something unique to wow your taste buds that you take my advise. Continue reading “Food & Wine | Diamond Estates Sipping in the Sun”