Mother’s Day Isn’t Just For Mothers

I fully recognize how lucky I am for the relationship that I have with my mother. Not everyone gets the chance to have something like this, for many different reasons. Whether it be because their mother has passed away, that their relationship was or is strained, or maybe they grew up not knowing their mother at all. Other people were raised by someone other than their biological mother, who ultimately became their mom (or moms). There are so many different definitions for the word and the feeling of what this person can mean. So, let me tell you all about mine.

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5 ways to make Mom feel special this Mother’s Day

When I stop to think about the people who have made the biggest impact on my life, there are of course a handful that come to mind right away. But besides those beautiful members of my world, both near and far, it’s important to remember where it all started.

Where I learnt to be a good person. To give the world my best. To have hope against all odds. To be kind. To love unconditionally.

It all started with my Mom. And this Mother’s Day I wanted to make sure I reminded her of how important she really is. Every day I am a better man because of my mom, and I have the perfect ways for YOU to make your mom or mothers in your life feel special with the perfect gift ideas from Hallmark Canada. Continue reading “5 ways to make Mom feel special this Mother’s Day”