Wrapping Myself Up For The Holidays

It’s finally time to start talking about the holidays – November is a time to start building up my wardrobe, making lists of gifts for those I love, and even get myself a few things for the colder months. To this day, I still don’t own any of Canada’s most iconic stripes but I’ve decided that at thirty-six years old, that’s going to change. Come take a look at THE HOTTEST items I am getting for those I love this year from one of Canada’s most iconic brands.

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One Of Those Full Circle Moments

As the month of March is starting to come to a close, and with the spring around the corner, I find myself perusing online for items for my kitchen, my home, and also my closet. Recently I have realized how much I am drawn to items from Hudson’s Bay. When I stop to think about it, it reminds me of my childhood where we could visit the Hudson’s Bay in Montreal with my parents for items that we knew would add to our homes and lives. Now as an adult I am continuing the tradition for my own home, my own family and my own life. I wanted to share just a few reasons why Hudson’s Bay compliments my life – and you might just be shocked to realize how it does for you too!

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