Food | Hendrick’s Gin is Home For The Holidays

As the hustle and bustle of the holiday season settles in the next few weeks, we forget to be carried away by the whimsy and joy of the season; we get so wrapped up in unwrapping those presents that we forget what this season is meant to be. Thankfully, Hendrick’s Gin has decided to remind us all what the holiday’s are supposed to be.

Starting on December 9th in major cities across the country, Hendrick’s Gin is decking the halls in Victorian Holiday spirit. For those Torontonians wondering what that means, keep your eyes open for streetcars wrapped in Victorian themed decor on a total of eleven lines around the city. The 501 Queen & 504 King routes will get extra attention with their double-length trams dressed up to “delight and inspire the downtown core.” Continue reading “Food | Hendrick’s Gin is Home For The Holidays”