Toronto | The #DoTheDaniel Summer Restaurant Roundup

I’ve been sitting staring at my laptop screen, writing and rewriting this paragraph over and over. Trying desperately to come up with an introduction to my summer restaurant list for Toronto that doesn’t sound pretentious. The last thing I would ever want for to become is that. I could tell you that I worked in the restaurant industry for ten years, but then I get preachy and speak server (yes, it is a whole other language). I could tell you that every one of the following restaurants is an absolutely must and HAVE to go, but that might sound demanding. So why don’t I just say this… The following restaurants, in my professional opinion, all have something different to offer you this summer in Toronto. Let me tell you which ones you can find the team & I enjoying in the sun and how you can do the same! Continue reading “Toronto | The #DoTheDaniel Summer Restaurant Roundup”

Toronto | Hudson Kitchen shows Toronto what a patio should be

From coast to coast in Canada, the summer has arrived finally and patio season is officially in full swing. It makes a lot of people want to refurbish their outdoor spaces in their gardens and redo their patios. Perhaps the most popular these days is flagstone patios and paths, which many people find from companies like Then there is the element of added some new furniture as well. Just completely transforming it to ensure you can enjoy the best of the summer months. When I think of eating in the summer, there is no image that comes to mind faster then that of sitting on a patio (check out teak garden furniture uk for some seating inspiration) enjoying the sunshine with friends and the ones I love. And I’ll be honest, please don’t take offence other cities in Canada, Toronto has some of the best patios I have ever enjoyed. I love patios so much, I only wish I had one in my own home. I dream of having a really cool space with luxurious Sliding Patio Doors too! But what it is that makes a truly perfect restaurant patio? Location, size and decor are key when you’re in search for an outdoor experience. Too big and you feel overwhelmed and lost in the crowd. Too small and it can feel a little awkward or unaccommodating for a group looking to dine together. It’s almost like Goldilocks… it has to be just right. Thankfully for the city of Toronto, Hudson Kitchen is showing the rest of the city what a patio should be. Let me tell you why! Continue reading “Toronto | Hudson Kitchen shows Toronto what a patio should be”