Food & Drink | Thanksgiving is great, but Friendsgiving is better!

I think as I’ve gotten older, I have come to appreciate that time at home with friends is more important than I once thought. There is something so relaxing about gathering together a few friends over a delicious home cooked meal, some good wine, and much needed laughs. I was reminded of just that when I sat down with friends and colleagues at Antler Kitchen & Bar to enjoy a delicious meal created by Chef Michael Hunter paired with four of the nine new wines that are hitting shelves just in time for the fall at your local LCBO. So much so, that I am planning my very own ‘Friendsgiving’ before the Thanksgiving season begins. Come and see what we will be eating & drinking, all inspired by the new #LCBOtastelocal fall mantra: Live. Love. Taste Local.  Continue reading “Food & Drink | Thanksgiving is great, but Friendsgiving is better!”