But I’d Love To Know, #CanYouDoLunch on April 28th?

With the new energy of 2020 has come a new perspective on life. With my work I find myself gravitating towards more positive messaging and causes that deserve the support of us all. I am more focused on making my family and dreams of children a reality. And, of course, I am proudly supporting Julio in his endeavors to become an advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness. So that is why I am asking you to join me for a luncheon in support of ending HIV in Canada.

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Celebrating Moments & Memories

On a gloomy fall afternoon where I just cannot seem to warm up, I thought it was the perfect time to take a walk down memory lane. As we near December, I am remembering the beaches of The Dominican Republic with some pretty incredible human beings three years ago, where I was able to celebrate love. By now you know that love is the most important thing to me, and it should be celebrated in every way I can, at every chance I can.

Although things have changed since that time, I am opting to remember the good of that moment, and how I was able to mark it with beautiful rings from Maison Birks. Growing up, the brand was also something that I would aspire to have in my life. I always wanted to be married, and one day have a collection of their diamond jewelry to call my own. The love and appreciation of jewelry was instilled in me by my mom and I used to always play with her rings because each of them meant something special to her. Passed down with tradition, or as an expression of a beautiful moment in life. My mom used to talk to me about all of her diamond jewellery and I vividly remember her teaching me about where they all come from. It was that conversation which led me to discover Green Diamonds – Laboratory Diamonds later in life as I researched the effects of mining for these precious stones. To this day, I wear my Maison Birks ring and it’s modest diamond to hold on to the very essence of what it was meant to express, and everything that it once meant. Diamonds are a great way to make me smile if I’m being honest, and as I near the 5th birthday of #DoTheDaniel, I am looking to purchase myself something special for the milestone.  Continue reading “Celebrating Moments & Memories”

Travel & Lifestyle | Why we said goodbye to wedding stress & were ready to #SayHelloToLove

As 2015 comes to an end, I am looking back on some of my favourite moments. It’s been an incredible year and one that has taught me a lot about myself and the life I have created. I quit my job to become a full time blogger. I broke into the UK with Brittany and Nicola as an international blog. I found inspiration in watching family and close friends find themselves. But I have to be selfish and say that my favourite moment of 2015 was when I finally married Julio on a beach in the Dominican Republic after months of keeping it top secret. Along with Booking Hello and Catalonia Hotels & Resorts, we were able to create the perfect destination wedding and want you to know that in our opinion, it’s the best way to get married. Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Why we said goodbye to wedding stress & were ready to #SayHelloToLove”