Travel & Lifestyle | All the reasons why we love Zipcar

2015 has proven to be an incredible year of growth for us at! With the addition of Nicola in London and Brittany headed there in the next few weeks, we seem to be growing not only in Canada but in the UK at an exponential rate along with you all. Working with brands that we genuinely love is such an integral part of what we do. On that amazing list is of course our friends at Zipcar. Come and see all the reasons why we love working with them both personally and professionally! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | All the reasons why we love Zipcar”

Travel & Lifestyle | ClassPass comes to Toronto!

Okay… so I’ve been a little sneaky with you all. I’ve known for some time that ClassPass was coming to Toronto and I had to keep it a secret. BUT, it’s finally announced and I can’t wait for you all to experience this amazing program with me! Check out the feature I recently wrote about ClassPass US here and come and see why ClassPass is the fitness membership to end all fitness memberships, no matter what your level of fitness is. Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | ClassPass comes to Toronto!”

Travel & Lifestyle | Living The Sweaty Life with ClassPass

Winter weight is something the majority of the people I talk to are worried about. Though it may be February, my thoughts are already jumping ahead to warmer months (wishful thinking) & my upcoming wedding. I am doing my best to get back into a regular fitness plan, but sometimes finding the right place and outlet to do so can prove to be difficult. For our America fans, you’re in luck when facing this issue. The latest fitness program isn’t about locking you into an expensive gym membership anymore. ClassPass is an easy to use membership service which is all about meeting your physical fitness needs. Come & see why! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Living The Sweaty Life with ClassPass”