Making realistic resolutions & responsible choices

I’ll be honest with you and say that this year, I haven’t been as diligent as I should have been with my health. Like many Canadians, I made myself promises on January first and set goals for myself that may have been slightly too ambitious. As the year comes to an end I am finding myself making realistic resolutions that I will be able to accomplish. First of all, I won’t be so hard on myself for not meeting the previous year’s goals. There is no shame in admitting you couldn’t do something or simply didn’t get the time to.

Moving forward, I will make smarter, more responsible choices on a daily basis instead of trying to think of the entire year at once. And most importantly, I will provide myself the tools I need to achieve these goals. One of my resolutions is to improve my finances so I recently found the best canadian stock market app that will help me learn about investing. If your resolution is about learning a new skill then buy some basic tools to get started. The list goes on. Who said there was no such thing as New Years Gifts? Nobody, that’s who. I’ve got just the gifts you need to reset those goals with me and get back to a healthier you. Continue reading “Making realistic resolutions & responsible choices”