Travel & Lifestyle | Going #BackToSchool with Nespresso

With the school year about to begin, it’s time to start thinking about what you and the students in your life need to have the best year yet. I know that my years as a student were based on a healthy amount of caffeine for those late nights writing papers and studying. Over the past few months we’ve been featuring some of our favourite Nespresso products & coffees as part of the Coffee Connoisseur Club. To celebrate the end of this amazing partnership with Nespresso, I’m hosting an amazing contest for one lucky Canadian! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Going #BackToSchool with Nespresso”

Food & Wine | The Nespresso Prodigio is changing the way we love coffee

By now it’s no shock that I am the biggest coffee fan – and with good reason. Being on the run around the world requires me to stay caffeinated in order to keep up! I am very excited to announce that our friends at Nespresso have asked me to be a member of the exclusive “Coffee Connoisseur Club” in Canada. What that means is that over the next six month among a small group of people, I’ll be sharing the latest and greatest from Nespresso with you all before anyone else. From new machines to innovative technology, this year is all about falling in love with coffee in a whole new way that suits your busy life.  Continue reading “Food & Wine | The Nespresso Prodigio is changing the way we love coffee”