Chasing the Sky

When you surprise someone, you want to do it properly.  You want them to have no idea, to be stunned and to have that face of pure joy at the surprise. That was my face as I neared my seat, on a plane bound for Tromso, Norway, within the Arctic circle.  You see, my travel buddy Liam had planned this trip from beginning to end.  There were no clues.  I had to lay out luggage for all eventualities – hot and cold, warm and freezing, and the rest was hidden from me.  I was not allowed to know when I had to wake up until I was going to bed the night before and I was not allowed anywhere near the baggage.

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Travel & Lifestyle | Not all those who wander are lost

I have always wanted to travel. From a very young age, when my Aunt was abroad, living and working in London, I knew that I wanted to do it too. There is something magical about London and I just couldn’t wait to grow up and put routes down there. I thought that it sounded glamourous and exciting, to be able to see more than just New Zealand. My cousins and I used to love receiving parcels from her for our birthdays and Christmas. We would see the distinctive writing on the parcel and know that it was from her. There would be a letter or a card and an interesting gift. Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Not all those who wander are lost”