Events | The 2014 Delicious Food Show

There is something beautiful to be found in the experiences that food and wine create and the memories we associate them with. Whether it be the way your parents used to cut your sandwiches to the wine that you first sipped when you met your special someone. I’ve said it before, but there is a hidden journey that can be taken with every bite, every sip and every laugh had over both. One of my favourite memories of both Food and Wine in Toronto is my very first Delicious Food Show. This year, I’m lucky enough to have the 2014 Delicious Food Show┬ásponsored by The Food Network launch on my birthday! Come and see why this coming weekend, you’ll be able to find me at The Direct Energy Centre located on the Exhibition grounds enjoying another year of memories, adventures and how you can join me! Continue reading “Events | The 2014 Delicious Food Show”