Looking Back & Moving Forward

When I think back on the last almost eight years with Julio, there are a lot of incredible memories to be grateful for. That being said, just like in any relationship, there are some moments that changed the direction of our marriage and relationship forever. I am not one to rehash the past or our mistakes respectively, but I thought it was time to talk about how unsafe I felt during some of those moments and how I was able to find stability and safety again in my life during very unsure times.

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I Think it’s Time We Had THE Talk

Over the past (almost) eight years I have had the pleasure of sharing some of the most incredible memories and experiences with you all right here and via social media. I also have never been shy or veered away from uncomfortable and challenging topics. While I have achieved a certain sense of success with the blog, it also has always been a way to stay true to what I love and connecting with each and every one of you. We’ve learned to trust one another and it is for that reason that I decided to share something extremely intimate in hopes of helping those of you going through something similar. It’s time we had THE talk about PrEP and why I made the decision to start taking it.

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