Your Ottawa Summer 2018 Guide

Even though I’ve lived outside of Ottawa for years now, I was born and raised there. I wasn’t always fond of it in the past, but every time I go back to visit, I make it my personal mission to find something new and exciting that reignites my love of the city. Over the years, I’ve seen such progress as it takes on an evolution towards morphing itself into a kick-ass major Canadian city. And it seems to be working, highlighted by signs of change around every corner – from the revamping of the city centre for Canada 150, to the light rail, to even the feeling of a shift in certain neighbourhoods. Ottawa really is the place to be these days (and trust me, I never thought I would ever say that). 

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Creating memorable morsels with Bonne Maman

For the past month my oven has been broken and it’s been hell trying to coordinate a time to meet with the repairman to get it fixed. My creativity for cooking meals that don’t require an oven is dwindling fast, especially now that cold weather is creeping in and my body craves warm food. So I was thrilled to receive an invite last week from Bonne Maman to attend a four-course meal prepared by chef Jon Svazas of Bar Laurel. The twist? He creatively incorporated jam into each of his dishes. Not only was I excited to check out Bar Laurel for the first time, this meant someone was going to cook for me, someone with access to an oven. #winning Continue reading “Creating memorable morsels with Bonne Maman”

Health & Nutrition | DessertFest | The Ultimate Cheat Day

I have two words for you: diets suck! Hey, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t eat foods that are good for you; I’m just saying that you should ditch the diets and embrace health as a lifestyle, not a fad. Diets just don’t work. Even the word can make some people cringe. So, here’s my theory: take care of your body by fueling it with clean, healing and energizing foods… most of the time.

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Events | #DoTheDaniel is heading to The 2015 Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards

The Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards is one of the best events in Ottawa each year. This year will be attending the star studded evening to bring you behind the scenes with some of the biggest names in Canada. We want to invite you in on the experience by giving you all of the details you’ll need join us in celebrating the achievements of Canadians from coast to coast with Canada’s Highest Order. Continue reading “Events | #DoTheDaniel is heading to The 2015 Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards”