Health & Nutrition | If at first you don’t succeed, try try again…

I think I have written, reread and deleted this post more than any other I have ever written. For some reason, taking a look at myself and my journey of fitness and personal growth has made me uncomfortable. I’ve been secretly trying to understand why, because I don’t often feel uncomfortable when it comes to sharing my life. I have struggled with my body and mind for my entire life. I have been a different version of me so often, that I think I lost track of who I was over the years. And so, at a very tumultuous crossroads earlier in 2016, I sat down and realized that I needed to find myself again.

I liken the epiphany to a day like any other a few months ago when I was walking the dog. As Canela caught me off guard and pulled me to the ground, I let go of her leash. I lay winded on the sidewalk watching her run away from me with tears streaming down my face. She had knocked the wind out of me and I hit my head on the pavement. Pain shot through my limbs because I hit my ribs pretty hard. Not to mention how scared I was that I might not catch her. In that very moment of pain and anxiety I told myself it was time to get up. I had to. I couldn’t just lay there in pain and watch her run away forever.

Get up Daniel. Get up. Continue reading “Health & Nutrition | If at first you don’t succeed, try try again…”