What does it mean to be a small business?

I wish I could say that I’m about to bestow you the secret to success from one entrepreneur to another. But alas my dear reader, the old adage is still as true today as it ever way. Hard work pays off. Diligence, dedication and determination are the skills we have used to build DoTheDaniel.com into what it is today while working towards what it will be tomorrow. It hasn’t always been easy, but there have been some things I have learnt along the way, even if it was the hard way. So today I wanted to share some inspiring news for small business owners in Toronto that will hopefully help to make growing your dreams into your goals, and it’s right here in Toronto! You’ll have recently seen on our social media accounts that we had the pleasure of joining Vistaprint to celebrate the opening of their first ever store in the world, located conveniently at 720 King Street W in the city I call home. And this is no ordinary store! Continue reading “What does it mean to be a small business?”

Blogging 101: the good, the bad and the in-between

So you’ve decided you want to start or grow your blog and online presence. What now? Well, I have been looking at this Guide to Email Marketing to boost the promotion of my blog. However, I by no means claim to be an expert, because even I have lessons to earn, but I thought I would gather together some of my personal experiences since starting DoTheDaniel.com to help you understand the world of blogging. It should be noted that this is a fluid industry, and chances are that after I hit publish, it will change yet again. There are of course a few tips I can give you to help find some focus amid this exciting and ever-changing industry, be it to get a good server (with options for Canberra servers abundant, to name one example) or to ensure that your content is engaging. Both from positive and negative experiences, the most important thing to remember is that your opinion matters and you need to do what you feel is best for you.
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