Food & Wine | Making Healthy & Convenient Choices with SodaStream

You know it. I know it. Life is busy. I’ve really taken my health into consideration in 2016 and have been doing my best to make smart choices as I work towards a better me. It’s why I have been making a concerted effort to cook more at home, eating more fresh food and being mindful of what I am putting in my body. I want to share with you a few helpful tips I use on a daily basis to keep me on track with some of my favourite brands. 
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#DoTheDaniel’s Holiday Gift Guide | Daniel

It’s officially December and the countdown is on to find the best gifts out there for you and your loved ones. The #DoTheDaniel team has been hard at work finding gifts that we personally have added to our letters to Santa and that you should consider in the coming weeks. Be you a Holistic Nutritionist, a Mom or a Foodie.. We have each come up with a list of items that are this season’s Holiday Must Haves. SO, without further ado, come and see what I have put together for my first ever Holiday Gift Guide for us all! Continue reading “#DoTheDaniel’s Holiday Gift Guide | Daniel”