The Only Spring Wine Guide You’ll Need

I don’t often like to make bold overarching statements using words like favourite, best, always (or the such) because in almost every case it diminishes someone else. I guess in that way I am very much a Libra and people pleaser, not looking to rock the proverbial boat. That being said, after ten years I think I’m a little tired of corporate entities or governing organizations pushing out guides that are ultimately pay for play and have nothing to do with the hard work or incredible wine being produced in Canada. Those with marketing dollars looking to get seen and be noticed on a shelf, in a magazine, or via an article too often outshine the real stars of the Canadian wine world.

Not here, and certainly not with me. I’m about a genuine support local energy and that is why I gathered together my ultimate wine list for the spring, and I can assure you that I didn’t charge anyone to be on this list. Instead I’m sharing them because they are creating some of my absolute favourite bottles right now and if you’re a wine lover too, this is a great way to explore what Canada has to offer.

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Food & Wine | Follow your heart and fill your glass with some of our favourites

When I stop to think about romance, it usually involves setting the mood. Candles, flowers, and of course the perfect drink to cheers to the ones you love – be they friends, family or my hubby. It’s why when I stop to think about what I want to sip on this Valentine’s Day, I know that products found in the Moët Hennessy family are the perfect addition to a perfect occasion. We share some of our favourite brands and signature cocktails that are sure to woo the ones you love this #ValentinesDay! Continue reading “Food & Wine | Follow your heart and fill your glass with some of our favourites”

Food & Wine | La Marca Prosecco makes life more bubbly

The sun is shinning just a little more with each new day, and alongside the upcoming beautiful weather, La Marca Prosecco has recently hit shelves to provide you with a refreshing sparkling wine for any occasion. Although I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Prosecco, La Marca has come along and stolen my heart. Let me tell you why the next time you’re in the mood for something sparkling, this bottle is a great choice to make life a little more bubbly. Continue reading “Food & Wine | La Marca Prosecco makes life more bubbly”