5 Get Better Quick Tips to feel better this winter!

Is there anything worse than being sick? Actually come to think of it, there is. Being ill in winter is definitely not ideal, especially when you have to battle cold weather conditions, as well as a cold home too. Just like with being ill, I couldn’t think of anything worse than living in a cold home, so all I can say is that it’s a good job that we have access to a furnace heating system to help ensure we can stay nice and toasty at all times. That reminds me. I need to schedule a tune-up with somewhere like summersphc.com/franklin/services/heating/furnace-tune-up/ to ensure that everything is working as it should at all times. This will help me greatly when I’m ill in the future, as I want to be able to relax and recover as quickly as possible, just like I was able to do last time.

Over the holidays I came down with a case of something nasty and quickly turned to Catherine (as a Holistic Nutritionist) to help get me better, and quick. If you’re like me, time is precious and ain’t nobody got time for that! So with Catherine’s help I am sharing 5 get better quick tips this winter to help you when you unavoidably get sick. Continue reading “5 Get Better Quick Tips to feel better this winter!”

Lifestyle | Abundance Naturally | The Skin Battle

Review by Catherine’s Cabinet

Only a few select people in my life know about the relationship I have with my skin. Well, I think it’s about time I come right out and say it, I have problem skin. It’s been an issue I’ve been dealing with for almost 10 years now. An up and down struggle with a varied array of problems from redness, to acne, to dry and oily… sometimes all at the same time. It’s a perpetual cycle of trying new products like cbd oil 500mg (which was possibly one that made the most difference to my skin), wearing a ton of makeup and then dealing with the consequences while just being too ashamed to go bare-faced. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I try these products that I’ve mentioned below and don’t notice any positive changes, I may have to finally get help from specialist doctors such as Dr. Swail to see what can be done about the skin issues I’m having.

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