Five things you can do to temporarily change your whole life

As the month April slowly makes its way to warmer weather for us all and the world prepares for the Solar Eclipse that has nothing short of celebrity status, it’s time to give some thought to life and lifestyle changes like I have been doing. Here’s the thing with change – it can be hard – so I’ve gathered together five temporary changes you can make in your life that aren’t forever and may just give you the boost you’ve been looking for as featured on today’s latest segment for Cityline.

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Here’s what I’m serving my friends & family

I have had nothing short of a transformative 2024 so far, and we’ve only just hit the month of April. I like to believe that universe sends us the lessons we can handle, and the opportunity to grow from them. In my own life while I’ve been navigating my own transformations, I’ve come to appreciate time with friends and family in a whole new way. When I have them over, I always want to serve them the best, and I’m here to tell you about what I’m keeping stocked for my next get together!

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Let’s take a minute to talk about summer fashion

I know that for most of us, with the most recent snowfalls, the idea of spring is far away. So when I am already thinking about summer and shoe options for festival season, some of you may think I’m getting ahead of myself, but at least it’s giving me something to look forward to! Here’s some essentials that I’ve recently found that I am excited to get my hands on for those social media memories with special people and incredible artists.

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Everything you need for the perfect spring refresh

This morning I sat down to watch my latest segment on Cityline, freshly made coffee in my favourite mug, and I was happy. I think that for a lot of us, those brief moments of happiness can get overshadowed by the stress, the woes. the do lists, and everything else we all have on the go. It’s such a privilege to be doing what I do and sharing it with you all, and I wanted to take a moment to send that moment of joy into the world. Here’s everything I was lucky enough to share on today’s segment and how you too can enjoy a spring refresh in your home from closet, to kitchen, and everything in between!

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