Coming Full Circle In The Best Way

Now that December is well underway, I am still reminiscing on some amazing moments from the last year of our lives here at With so many to pick from, it’s important for me to remind myself how incredibly lucky I am to have this platform to share with you all – and how amazing it is that I have had it for almost five years. As we draw nearer to 2019 and our fifth birthday as a blog in January, I am so happy about the return of the rejuvenated #DanielsDish.

From where it all started, five years later things are coming full circle for me and the blog in the best ways possible.

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Food & Wine | Ungava Canadian Premium Gin

Gin. Let’s be honest. That strikes up thoughts of London and a G&T after a long day at the office. I do not normally think of a Canadian made and produced product. How wrong I have been… Canadian made¬†Ungava Canadian Premium Gin launched in March 2014 and is flipping the idea of the “classic gin” on its head. Don’t believe me? ¬†Take a look for yourself. Continue reading “Food & Wine | Ungava Canadian Premium Gin”