The Reason I Stopped Complaining On The Internet

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As 2018 comes to an end and I get even more nostalgic (if that’s even possible), I am reflecting on the content and collaborations we have been a part of. I am proud of what we’ve accomplished both as a team of beautiful people around the world, but also as a media outlet. That being said, I haven’t always been the most positive person online and, while I do not ignore the past, I have come to learn from it. The world is a chaotic place and this year I made a very conscious effort to no longer take to the internet to spread hate, hurt or harm anyone in my life. It might seem like that’s a given, but it seems as though many of us quickly (and callously) use our social media to spread negativity when we feel wronged. It’s definitely not the best move to make, especially when there are millions of people who use the likes of social media every day. 90.4% of these are millennials, (click here for more statistics) and they probably don’t want to see this amount of hate and hurtful comments on their timeline. There is something to be said for keeping those things off the internet, and I wanted to tell you why I stopped complaining on the internet. Continue reading “The Reason I Stopped Complaining On The Internet”