A Country in Bloom

Close your eyes. Imagine the smell of lavender. That is Provence in bloom. Picture tall, majestic sunflowers, gently swaying in the breeze – Van Gogh’s favourite. That is the French countryside in bloom. Envision luminous fields of yellow Canola (or Rapeseed) joining France and Canada in friendship and agriculture. That is Normandy in bloom. Imagine the sweet, juicy taste and smell of a freshly picked apple. That’s the apple orchards blossoming in Champagne-Ardenne. Savour the sweet scent of cherry blossoms, pink and plentiful. That is Paris in bloom. Imagine the proud and graceful fleur-de-lis, a majestic and internationally recognized symbol. That is France in bloom.

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Travel & Lifestyle | Not all those who wander are lost

I have always wanted to travel. From a very young age, when my Aunt was abroad, living and working in London, I knew that I wanted to do it too. There is something magical about London and I just couldn’t wait to grow up and put routes down there. I thought that it sounded glamourous and exciting, to be able to see more than just New Zealand. My cousins and I used to love receiving parcels from her for our birthdays and Christmas. We would see the distinctive writing on the parcel and know that it was from her. There would be a letter or a card and an interesting gift. Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Not all those who wander are lost”