When It Just Feels Right

At thirty five years old, I can say that things haven’t always been exactly “clear” for me when it comes to my life and what I want it to be. I’m prone to have a lot of ideas at once and things I want to do – for example lately while building the DTD empire, I’m also contemplating becoming a florist. Because, why not! I’ve held a lot of jobs before finding one that I love as much as this one. I’ve worked with some amazing brands and people over the years. And of course I owe my success to those people in the world who helped open certain doors for me – but I also owe it equally to myself for stepping through those same proverbial doors.

I like to believe that life presents with you with opportunities, and when it feels right you should trust your gut and go for it. Sometimes it’s going to work and sometimes it is not, but at least you can say you tried. As I continue in our expansion as a brand, I am also “expanding” my personal life. I am still actively saving for a baby, planning more personal travel, and focusing on my mental wellbeing while juggling it all. My therapist laughs when I tell her I talk about her on the blog, but I mean it as the biggest form of flattery. She’s changed my life in so many ways! All of these things to say, I am now following my instincts (and heart) in almost every major decision I have been making and the universe seems to be rewarding me for finding myself.

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