What makes you proud?

2017 marked a lot of firsts for us at DoTheDaniel – our first year as an incorporated business, our first ever Pride Parade where we were asked to be on a float, our first time sharing content in three languages, just to name a few! There is so much to be proud of, and that got me thinking. What is it about my life that makes me proud? I think it’s the ability to work with brands and experiences around the world that showcase diversity, power and persistance to change the world. You’ll remember that we had the pleasure of visiting W MontrĂ©al last year (click here to see more), and since then I have watched as they help to showcase truly Canadian ideals such as this. It’s why I wanted to share with you a new speaking series that they have launched!  Continue reading “What makes you proud?”

In case you needed another reason to love W Hotels

As I prepare to head off on another adventure around the world, I am left looking back on the last year of travel. Whether it’s alongside Catherine and the DoTheDaniel.com team, or with Julio on a romantic getaway, we have had some pretty epic experiences. You’ll remember that we went to Montreal to visit W MontrĂ©al (click here to read all about it), so when we found out about a few new properties opening up in 2017 AND a special collaboration with the new W Hotels Global Fashion Innovator Joan Smalls, I wanted to take a minute to share the news with you first!  Continue reading “In case you needed another reason to love W Hotels”