Food & Wine | Ready. Set. Caesar.

Today marks #NationalCaesarDay and it’s time to start sipping an iconic Canadian beverage. It’s happy hour somewhere, right? As one of my favourite drinks (usually enjoyed over brunch with friends) I can’t wait to meet up with Julio after a long day to head out to paint the town caesar red together. We’ve got some of our favourite Caesar recipes for you using a mix of choice, Walter All-Natural Craft Caesar Mix. Come and see what we will be sipping around the city tonight as we cheers with Canadians from coast to coast! Continue reading “Food & Wine | Ready. Set. Caesar.”

Food & Wine | Walter brings a Serious Caesar to Your Table

Maybe it’s the French Canadian heritage on my father’s side, or maybe it’s my love the hybrid meal of brunch, but in my opinion there is nothing quite as satisfying as a Bloody Caesar. For most of us, the Mott’s Clamato version is the most popular and most commonly used in the restaurant industry. It’s easy, and it’s good. But is it the best out there?

“Meet Walter. A thicker, better tasting premium Caesar mix. We think you’ll agree.” Continue reading “Food & Wine | Walter brings a Serious Caesar to Your Table”