My Very Own Winter Wonderland

I have noticed that this year I’ve been doing a lot of holiday gift shopping online. But that doesn’t mean that my love for the in person shopping experience has been dimmed. In fact, it’s probably more ignited than ever with major store openings taking place right here in Toronto. But if I had to pick just one to get you excited about, and if you need me this holiday season, this is where you’ll find me…

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The Kitchen Is The Heart Of The Home

The Holidays are finally over, but the celebrations have continued into the new year for my family and I! Yep, our favorite time of the year isn’t over yet – when everything is all about love and sharing, reflecting on our actions, making resolutions for the year to come and of course, eating like there’s no tomorrow. It was the season to forget about your fitness program, or at least not feeling guilty about putting it on standby mode, cause: you’re totally allowed to do that! At least in Mexico, the Holidays come with lots of Office Christmas Parties, friends’ reunions, family dinners and more. So no matter your beliefs or how you celebrate the Holidays, we can all agree with something: It’s all about the food. Starting off 2019 I was reminded that the kitchen is the heart of the home – and I am so grateful for the reminder.

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USA, Japan, France, Italy & Germany, Oh My!

So let’s talk about the things that make me happy. Travel, obviously, is at the top of my list because the idea of exploring the world makes me feel more connected with it. Cooking, because it is something I’m quite good at and makes me feel grounded, even in the craziest of situations. Love, although let’s be honest, that’s a given by now as you all know. Our dog, because she’s one of the best parts of my life and one of the best decisions we have ever made. My family, because they support me as I work towards goals while reminding me of where I came from. And that’s just to name a few. I think sometimes it’s important to make a list of the things that make you happy because life is full of distractions, trials, and sometimes we can easily forget.  Continue reading “USA, Japan, France, Italy & Germany, Oh My!”

Food & Wine | Tortilla de Patatas with a Guatemalan Twist

One of my favourite places in the world to be is in the kitchen. There is something quite magical when I look at my ingredients and become inspired to create. Recently I was approached by the successful UK based blog,, to participate in a cooking competition via our various outlets. The task was this: create a recipe for a Mediterranean inspired dish that best represents me.

Immediately my mind went to Spain. Not only have I have fallen in love with the shores of Barcelona, but the food is what makes me smile on a regular basis. My cooking style at home, as experimental as it may be, is all about keeping it simple. I love comfort food and finding a way to make classic recipes my own.

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