5 Days & 5 Ways To Be More Thoughtfull For The Holidays

When it comes to being thoughtful at the holidays, some of us may be natural. But chances are, if you’re like me, you’re juggling fifty things at once and you haven’t finished (or started) that to do list. I promise you’re not alone, and recently I was introduced to a gifting platform that has helped relieve the stress for the holidays and all year long. Yes, I’m here to finally help you #BeThoughtfull with Thoughtfull.co and you won’t believe how easy it really is!

So while I could go down the path of “this platform is awesome and you should use it too” like many would do, I thought I would be more thoughtful myself. Instead, I wanted to offer you five different days you’ll experience this holiday season, and five ways to be more thoughtful on those days. Gift services should enhance your life and ability to find the perfect gift, and I can tell you that the moment you use the innovative gifting platform Thoughtfull, you’ll understand how it has changed my gift giving experience for the better.

How does Thoughtfull allow for #GiftingMadeEasy? With a more tailored approach to gifting all together. When you land on the page, it first asks who you are looking to buy for, followed by what their relationship is to you, how you want to make them feel,  what occasion you are gifting for and then asks you to pick topics they enjoy from cocktails to travel. The platform then does the searching for you and allows you to send the gift in a just a few clicks.


I am enamored with the platform and decided that the five different days you may experience this holiday season can help you #BeThoughtfull in five different ways. Take a look below to see what I mean!

Day one: The early bird at the beginning of the month

For those “planny” folk out there who are way ahead of their gift shopping for others – it’s time to maybe think of yourself before thinking of others with a “just because” gift. With self-care being so important as the year comes to an end, you can of course read an inspiring blog post while you shop for something special. Why not spoil yourself with a Hammam Turkish Bath By Hammam Spa by Céla – you don’t have to enjoy it this month (but you should) so save it for a special day in 2020. Trust me when I say it’s just as important to spoil yourself.

Day two: The lazy Sunday afternoon

It’s Sunday afternoon and while you’re meal prepping you call your mom to catch up with her and talk about the upcoming get together. You quickly realize that – after hanging up and reading “9 Small Surprises That Make Thoughtfull Little Gifts” on Thoughtfull,  you want to do something nice for her to make her feel appreciated. A well curated gift box set always makes me smile, so I would opt for the Best of South Pond Gift Box By South Pond Farms. Plus, she cooked all those meals while you were growing up – so why not show mom that you finally get it and appreciate her more for it.

Day three: The morning commute to work

You’re mid-way through the month and on your morning commute into the office, you realize you need to get your secret santa or coworker something. By shopping by same day gifts, you come across a gift idea that you both can enjoy after work with The PATH Tour – Toronto Underground By Drink Toronto. Now you’re both going to enjoy the holiday a little more and you’ve actually put some thought into the season with my favourite gifting platform.

Day four: The night out with the girls

You’re out with the girls for your annual holiday soirée and while you’re catching up over something bubbly, you get to talking about your favourite new website. You show the squad the latest article you were reading today on Thoughtfull and realize that it’s been forever since you’ve been to the spa. You all decide to get yourselves 6 month subscriptions to Wine Club Subscription By Toronto Life Wine Club and that starting in 2020 you’re going to start hosting a wine night where you make sure you can all get together more often and stay more in touch.

Day five: The last minute freak out

You promised yourself this year would be different but now it’s almost the holidays and you need to get something for your partner. Shopping the experiences or using the gift finding tool will make sure that your romantic interest doesn’t feel like they weren’t a priority. Why not something special like a Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Journey for a Group By Cedar Healing Arts or think lavish without breaking the bank with a Toronto Helicopter Tour, 15km By Toronto Heli Tours. Either way they will realize you are being more thoughtful, even if you could still use some help with your time management.


All of these options and more await you on your introduction to Thoughtfull – the official gifting platform of choice for me this holiday season. Make sure to check out the website now, get those you love incredible gifts, and ensure that this holiday season you can #BeThoughtfull in the best way. Give the gift of a unique experience this holiday season and all year long!

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