INLAND is back with their 2024 Spring Popup at CF Eaton Centre

While I am admittedly not the most fashionable person I know, I have definitely learned a thing or two over the years by paying attention to those who are

Making note when experts on the subject give me advice or share knowledge with their followers, I have come to realize there are a handful of events I must always be aware of and attend when possible. Returning for the 2024 Spring Popup at CF Eaton Centre, INLAND is one of those events that simply cannot be missed and I’m here to tell you why.

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Your Toronto Summer Oasis is Much Closer Than You Realize

With the summer months just around the corner, I am already dreaming of days in the sun and the ways which I will be able to relax amid a busy schedule. Of course there’s spa treatments, movie dates and nights out at the best restaurants – but, what about an oasis getaway that’s much closer than you realize right in the heart of Toronto? Yes. I’ve got the inside scoop of where and how you can unwind in the best way possible this Pride month and all summer long!

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A Glowup So Impressive, You Have to See it To Believe it

As many of you know, I travel to Toronto often for work and to see close friends that I have made over the last 9+ years that I have been blogging. When I can, I need to rest my head in a beautiful hotel that is conveniently located in the city. Well, if I had to pick there’s not one hotel more convenient or known in the downtown core like Sheraton Centre Toronto. Recently the hotel celebrated its 50th anniversary and the completed of a multi-million, multi-year renovation that you absolutely have to see in person to take in all that beautiful grandiosity.

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C’Mon Barbie, Let’s Go Party!

It is no shock that this blog is essentially a Barbie fangirl page – over the years I’ve spoken about how as a little boy my Jem and The Holograms Barbie was my favourite toy, and let’s be honest, Barbie to this day at the toy and brand that speaks to so many of us in different ways. From our collection of Barbies and the dolls from the extended family, this blog and our home will forever preach the importance of inclusivity and diversity that we’ve seen over the years with my favourite blonde bombshell.

Recently it seems as though Barbie is back to IRL events along with us all and I simply had to tell you about some of my personal favourite collaborations to inspire your pink fantasy!

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